Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Small Haul

 I hate going to Target LOL. I went there for a couple items and I ended up with stuff I did not need.  Target has that power to sucker me into buying makeup :)

Here is what I got....

I was thrilled to see that 0.4mm tip. I do not like felt tips (I am obsessed with the Physicians Formula tip)
Quick review: I love the thin tip and it is super black, but I don't seem to be able to get it smooth. I end up with a weird line that required tugging in order to be smoothed out...I dont like that at all.

I got this one as an attempt to have a water p[roof mascara with a wand small enough so that I don't smear it all over.  I am not a fan of maybelline mascaras, they never work for me and the latest one irritated my eyes for 2 days!  This one did not irritate, however, it is far from water proof and I still get raccoon eyes.

The quest for the HG mascara continues :(

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