Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Viviscal Hair Filler Fibers: Review

Today I have a non-makeup review, but it sure is beauty related :) First, let me start with the legalities that need to be mentioned:
 Per updated FTC guidelines, I received the sample productswith compliments of, but my review is my own objective opinion

small fibers are similar to those for the eyelashes
I immediately accepted this sample because my mother-in-law has thinning hair, to the point that is more than noticeable.  She is not one to go out and look for these items, so I figured I'd get this and hope it worked and she liked it, which she did :)

The packaging claims:  Fibers that give the appearance of thicker hair for both men and women. 

How does this work?

Viviscal hair filler fibers contain microscopic,electrostatically charged fibers that stick to the hair and create a volumizedappearance.  They make thinning hair appearthicker and fuller instantly.

How do you use it?

As per directions, you tap the fibers directly onto dry hairuntil the scalp is no longer visible.  Gentlyrub the area to blend the fibers in. wash your hands afterward.


I used this on my mother in law, who has thinning hair andher scalp is very visible.  It only tookless than a minute to see the results. It does make the hair look fuller, so that was amazing to see the difference.  We did not see any residue left behind, andwhen I asked again, she said she did not notice any residue, and just washed itoff with shampoo. It made a tremendous difference on how her hair appeared.  She went from thin hair to the appearance of lots of hair, so that made her happy. 

I will be updating with a before an after picture soon :)

Where to buy and product info:

Viviscal hair filler fibers
Size: 15 grams (approximately one month supply)
Price: $24.99
Colors include: Dark Brown/Black, Light Brown, blonde, Grey,and Auburn
Available at RiteAid
Use promo code VIVISCAL to receive $5 off!

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