Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Smoky Eye :)

I haven't really done a smoky eye due to the insane heat here in AZ. I have yet to come across an eye liner that won't end up smudging on me, so I just stay away from dark eyes as much as I can. I was in the mood for it over the weekend, and this is what I did...

nothing extraordinary, but dramatic enough to make a difference in my usual colorful eye looks. 
I really love these falsies. They are so nice and the best part is that I found them at the $1 store :)

super basic, and I used the UD Naked 1 palette, which I tend to neglect now that I have the Naked 2.

It was fun to wear a smoky eye, but I hated the constant checkups to make sure I didn't look like a raccoon, but still, I love a dramatic eye ;)