Sunday, July 22, 2012

EOTD: Purple Shimmer

Excuse the messy eyebrows. Don't you just hate it when everything looks fine and then you take a picture and you see every ungroomed hair there? Or worse, when you use a macro lens and then you see the pic and holy cow it is just eww? lol. That's me every. single. time!  Oh well, I still decided to post. I don't have photoshop and it's not like everyone is perfect :)

I used Chinovi Cosmetics Dance, Hiccup, Grand Opening, Smoke out and Purple Rain. 

excuse the powdery brow. I just realized it is the brow gel that makes them look splotchy and powdery in pictures :/  Time for a new brow gel!

Blurry to see the shimmer. I love shimmer. 

There are so many good indie companies out there that I still have not tried. I tend to stick with what I know, but I am realizing I am missing out. These samples were also sent to me by my friend, and just to make things clear, she is NOT the owner of Chinovi etc. This is a 100%  gift from a friend. Not for blogging or review etc. 

Oh. I forgot to mention I dusted a teeny bit of Sugarpill's Lumi on the outer corner to make it extra special ;)

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  1. I love the purples! Very pretty.