Saturday, July 21, 2012

FOTD: Pomegranate Punk.

I had to get ready in as little time as possible, and well, I decided to use my maybelline color tattoo in pomegranate punk. I hadn't used it since I bought it , and sadly, it was a little dried out and the edges were separated from the jar, which surprised me because all my others are just fine.

I just rubbed a little Harder and it worked great. Hopefully it doesn't get all hard :/  I love these "tattoos". I've tested them with and without primer and with and without shadow in top, and I can safely say these don't budge either way!

here is what I did:

I used it as an all over lid color and skipped primer. I did add Darling Gurl Cosmetics "love struck" to the crease. That color is duo chrome and it reflects purple/blue/gold, and of course the gold was captured here, who I didn't like l, but in person it was prettier.

blurry to show the sparkles :) and to also show my eyelash fail lol. (had no time to curl and add mascara and make it all perfect)

Full face. Here you can see more of the greyish/purple tones if that crease color. 

I need to buy some Darling Girl stuff. A friend of mine send me a bunch of sample baggies when I told her I hadn't tried them (I am sure she owns all of them lol). I  was impressed with the colors, so I will need that in my stash soonish :)


  1. What a beautiful quick look! I picked up Pomegranate Punk, but haven't wore it yet. Looks great with the duo chrome over it!

    1. I actually love these maybelline tattoos. I love them as eyeliners. They don't budge web I wear them on the bottom lash line.

  2. you're so talented! I love all your makeup looks!

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