Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Swatches

Out of the all Indie companies I've tried, Darling Girl Cosmetics wasn't one of them.  One of my friends, Sam from Kiss My Sparkle  who happens to be a beauty blogger and a fellow makeup junkie sent me some samples she had, along with some other pretty things. Here is what I got :)

Darling Girl Cosmetics sample baggies. 
These are hand written because they were from her stash to me, however, Darling Girl has nice labels etc. just to let you know.  

L to R: cupid, Die, Die my darling, How soon is now, Barbarella , Love Struck, Curious, Pumkin Eater, and Scarab. (Kiela is not swatched here).
excuse my birthmark^^. I don't have photoshop so yeah..  :)

I love them all, they are so pretty. But the ones that I love the most are Love Struck, Barbarella, and curious.  Love Struck is a duochrome and shifts to blueish, purple and gold. Very pretty.

The formula is very velvety and pigmented. They go on very smoothly and  they stay put ( I use a primer). I also find the colors to be unique and some of them are very complex, which makes them that special and nice.

Darling Girl also carries blushes, primers, and lip products.  Susan, the owner, posts pictures of it all on her FaceBook page. Her blushes are very pretty and her lip stains are amazing.

I highly recommend them. The prices are not outrageous, and she sells 'mini' jars, I believe they are 3 gram jars for about $3!

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