Thursday, July 26, 2012

NOTD: Neutral Leopard

I have been on a nail kick lately, so I have been a little creative. I don't have the right brushes, so these are just rough, but I love nail art, it takes my mid off everything :)

I used L'Oreal nail polish in 300 ( walk on the beach, i think)
CG Dressed to kill mixed with a little red for the spots
and Sally Hansen Blackout for the black outline
Seche Vite Top coat and CND Sticky base coat.
excuse the mess, I forgot to clean them prior to taking a pic.

And these are my daughter's. She insisted on getting hers done too, as always, so I did them. Then she saw me uploading to blogger, and wanted hers there too lol. 
I tied to do a sky with fluffy clouds.  The accent nail is a balloon but I failed...I seriously need to buy nail art brushes.  That and the fact that she was moving too much.  Overall they are cute and she got lots of compliments :)


  1. Both designs are super cute! I love love love the leopard.