Friday, July 27, 2012

MAC Heavenly Creatures: Supernova & Lightyear

As always, I am late to the party but that's ok. I've had these babies sitting im my drawer since the 5th lol. I had forgotten about them.  I was so exited about the theme of this collection, the promo ads were so nice.  Sadly, only these 2 items really caught my eye, so I was a good girl and limited myself to what I liked rather to what I wanted.  
Supernova Mineralized Blush. 
This one is so very pigmented, it's insane! a teeny little swipe and a super light hand and you're good. If you pick up too much your cheeks will be fuchsia, trust me, I tried lol.  I kind of like them pigmented rather than not.  I thought the gold in it would make it too sparkly and bronzy but it did not. Awesome!

MSF in Lightyear. 
I was debating between this one and another pinkish one they had. I have a few pink toned MSFs, and they are more usable as a blush, so I decided to go for the lightest color, and I am glad I did.  This works amazingly as a subtle blush with a hint of shimmer, and as a highlighter.  I never really try MSFs as all over powders due to my oily skin and large pores.

Swatches <3

Supernova is so pretty when it's applied as a subtle wash of color!

I love the peachiness of Lightyear.  kind of unexpected, but I like it :)
Did you all haul anything from this collection?  I know MAC is a hit or miss when it comes to collections, and it's just time consuming to keep up, since they release a new one every 2 months or so (it seems like it lol).

I can't wait for the up coming collections for the fall or winter. I am so excited! I should go on a no-buy until then so I can splurge :)


  1. Supernova is super pretty! (:

    1. It is!! It's so pigmented though. A teeny bit is enough. But it is so gorgeous. :)

  2. wow light year is such a gorrrrgeous colour!!! such beautiful packaging as well.

    1. Yes. It's not glittery like many of the MSFs. I love it. I'm also happy I only liked 2 things or else I'd be broke lol