Friday, April 13, 2012

Birthday Pretties :) (day11)

Just wanted to share some of my birthday pretties an awesome friend of mine sent me.  This was part of a group gift exchange we participated, but given the fact that it was my birthday, she added a lot more things, and she made me so happy!!

This included Madd Style, JLo heart shaped pink wrist bag, Ardell lashes, Eco tools buffers, Missha masks, candy, candle, nail polishes and lip balm along with a card. I was speechless!!

Madd Style Cosmetics 

applied over glitter glue 

Over a white base

Flash (glitter glue)

flash (base)

I had been wanting to try MSC for a while now, and receiving a 5pc set was so very nice.  So far I like the colors, they are very pretty, but every time i wear these colors (or a combination of them) i forget to take a picture.   These look better over glitter glue or 'foiled'.  

I am so glad friends sent me little somethings, I usually don't get any presents other than my hubby's and well, whatever i buy for myself.  ooh, and I looooove that heart shaped clutch, so pretty ;)

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