Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fun bedtime hair :) (Day10)

Hi. and yes, this is the famous 'Katnis' braid.  It never occurred to me to wear this type of braid like that lol. I am a total Hunger Games nerd, I did read all 3 books in 2 weeks and loved them.   But what I love about this hair style is not the style itself, rather, it is the amazing comfortable feel.  when i braid my hair like this to go to bed, I feel like i have no hair lol.  A pony tail, or even a braid down my back still feels bumpy and not too comfy, but not this one lol..hence the messiness of it.

While some girls totally wear this as a hairstyle, i wear it to bed. Not because I dont like it, I love it, but I dont have much time in the mornings to mess with it (I struggle on the easiest part, then i just have to link the last strands of hair and brain it all the way down.  My hands just refuse to follow the pattern and i reverse it lol, thus, taking more time if I were to choose this as my hair of the day)

The front lol

And YES, I totally wore this braid to the Hunger Games Movie lol. I loved it. 

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