Monday, April 9, 2012

Ben Nye Cake liner (day7)


SO i stopped at a local theater/costume shop and I almost fainted at the sight f every single theatrical makeup brand they carried, along with testers of every single item!!  I fell for the cake liner, and I love it!

I also got one of their neutralizer crayons, wich i love for the waterline!!

I forgot about their sealer, so I just use either Fix+ or eyedrops to wet the brush and have had
no issues with smudging. 

After smudging it heavily with my finger.  Not bad!!

So fair, I am loving this liner and neutralizer.  My eyes have not reacted to it, which is good, since everything makes them burn and water like crazy.  I also did not get any watering or irritation from using that crayon on the waterline, so I am happy.  I rather use a beige liner than white, and this one is huge, and multi purpose, and inexpensive so yay me!

I have my eyes on other Ben Nye items, there are a few lipcolors that I want, and I also want one of their foundations...we will see, I am trying to not buy more makeup until I at least hit pan on a few items lol

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