Saturday, April 7, 2012

Bday outfit and face (day6)


I might have gone a little crazy shopping for me, with the excuse that it was my birthday lol.  I have been into retro insipred/pinup clothing lately, and since I love anything with either cherries or strawberries printed on them, this dress naturally had to be mine!

I bought it on eBay, the seller is super helpful and the dresses she sells are 
super cute and affordable!!
Of course I had to get a petticoat to make it more fluffy and I added the belt.  It came with a nice red ribbon as belt, but it does no justice to my shape, so I added this belt to give it a more 'tough' appearance!

totally random but this was my birthday face.  I am so glad i am not wrinkled yet!!

I had a nice birthday, I actually received lots of presents (i rarely do).  The boyfriend surprised me with the NAKED2 palette (i am not into fancy jewelry at all lol). And other friends sent me makeup and other awesome things....Even my teen brother gave me a gift!!! whaaaaa? I was shocked lol. 

I have yet to officially wear the dress.  As lame as it sounds, I have not gone out really, too much school work, but I will wear it soon!!!


  1. you look perfect love that dress ~~~happy birthday once again !!!

  2. Happy Birthday and sounds like you got some greatpresents too.