Monday, April 2, 2012

Wetnwild Megalast 2012 Lipstick Collection (day1)


I have been neglecting my blog, but I have some swatches and stuff coming up :). Also, I am going to participate in the 90 day challenge with Wendi from Makeup Zombie  plus other bloggers.. So this is my day 1, I hope i stick to it!!
I recently learned about this collection, mainly because my Walgreens did not stock these.

Also, Pinkerbell is a dupe to MAC Viva Glam Nicki!!!!!

Here are the swatches :).

Here, I am wearing Cherry Picking. Sorry, bad movie theater picture.

Pinkerbell, 24 Carrot Gold, Dont blink pink, and Purdy Persimmon

Same order, just no flash.

Pinkerbell and my duck face ;p

24 Carrot Gold. I kind of like it :)

I love the colors. I am glad I was able to find all 6 of them here.  I did have to do some hunting though lol.  Now I must try and wear them more often rather than neglecting them.  Have you tried these colors? 


  1. you look so pretty !!1 I love those lipsticks but you need some gloss over them for sure they are drying on me !!!

    1. yes they are drying one me too...I use chapstick underneath and it helps alot. some times i also use gloss if i want a glossy finish :)

  2. I just discovered Wet N Wild this spring, great colors but yeah a little drying. But hey, they're cheap enough! :)
    <3 Amber