Friday, March 16, 2012

Mini Haul: Gloss and Polish


Lets see if what I type appears this time lol..  Here is a small haul, some nail polish (again) and a couple glosses :)

Wet n Wild Nail Polishes and liner,
and Rimmel, Milani and Revlon glosses.

wet n wild new polishes in "refresh-mint"
Not a minty green and not an apple green lol. Pretty though

Spoiled polish in "Tip our Waitress"
This is hot, NEON pink! very gorgeous on the toes ;)

New Rimmel Long lasting gloss  (not long lasting, and lacks pigmentation)
Milani gloss in "Raspberry Icing" omg gorgeous!!
Revlon Lip Butter in "Strawberry Shortcake"  reminds me of a sheerer version
of viva glam Gaga1!!

Flash!  The milani gloss is very nicely pigmented, I have read that others
from this line of glosses are not as pigmented, so i am happy.

The coveted wet n wild cream liner in black

swatches on bare skin using the brush included (not my fave brush at all)
I was expecting a more intense black, but its not sheer at all.
I have yet to wear it, so i will update you when i do.

Left: after i rubbed. a lot. like really rubbed.  i am so shicked at this pic!!!

Wet n wild new liquid liner
This looks so electric is not as intense and pigmented.  I guess i will add
some blue pigment on top of it when i wear it.

Top: swatch
Bottom: after i rubbed. as intense as i did the black.
no way i would rub my eyes like i did these swatches lol.
still, very impressive, just wish it were more true to color.
I think i will just mix it with some blue pigment and there, all fixed lol

I have not worn the polishes (on me) or the makeup.  I will get to it this weekend and show you some swatches :)

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  1. Fun stuff! Is that last one a blue liner? The pink polish looks pretty!