Tuesday, March 13, 2012

SugarPill: Burning Heart Palette


Sugarpill Cosmetics had a Valentine's Day sale on the 14th of February, and since I own most of their lose pigments, I naturally wanted to get my hands on this palette.   I had a not so pleasant experience with them from the beginning, and somehow, I was sure the palette would be so breath taking and worth it, but I was that was far from it!  Let's see the pics..
The pans are huge compared to MAC, which makes this palette "affordable"
Just look at these gorgeous pretty colors...

Swatched on bare skin.
The Yellow (buttercup) took a few swipes to even show. the purple one, was a 
disappointment.  can you see the sheerness and the streaky swatch? Ugh. 
Bottom Row, far right...i swiped my finger on the shadow 8 times to get it to that intensity. 8 TIMES!!!!

Although the orange and the red one were more pigmented, they were still not impressive.  I get better color payoff from my $19 Ebay 120pc palette lol.   The purple one was so darn powdery too, it was ridiculous. 

Needless to say, I asked around, and it seems like i got a 'bad batch'.  I may or may not get crucified for talking 'bad' about Sugarpill, but when you spent the money and receive this, it is upsetting.  Not to mention that they took over 3 weeks to ship it. I did email them a week after and guess what? they responded the day i receive it, pointing out that they had a delay with this specific palette and that they had announce it on their Facebook page.  Uhm, since when does a customer have to be stalking a company's website and social media in order to get updates on possible issues with an order placed? Exactly, not for a $34 palette, hell, i dont ever need to hunt down the indie companies i buy from.

This went right back to Sugarpill more than a week a go, and NOPE, my refund has  not been processed.   Too bad I love their lose colors, or else, i would never ever ever ever do business with them again. 

There are my 2 cents. sorry if its ofenssive


  1. I had the worst reaction to the carmine in this red shade, I still can't believe they put carmine in their products, won't recommend them just for that.

    1. omg really? that is terrible. I have not had a problem with their lose pigments, but I was beyond disappointed with this palette.

  2. wow this is the first bad review i've ever seen for this palette! But well done you for being honest! :)