Tuesday, April 3, 2012

FOTD: Red, Black and Brown (day2)

Hello :)

I have been wearing neutral colors for a while now, and I am glad to have worn a little darker eyes over the weekend.   I used Unique Pigments over a black base.  It is nothing too creative, but a it is a nice change.

Unique Pigments: Sanguine over Tick Tock Cosmetics black base 

I had fun messing with the lighting :p

Excuse the pimple. and the lack of editing in general :)

Natural light. I added 1/2 a lash per eye to the outer corner to make it more daytime, even though
i know better, this is not a daytime look lol.

I love Unique Pigments.  They have nice colors and super pigmented.  This is more red, but over a black base it looks deeper, more of a cranberry color, which matched one of the colors of my outfit that night :)

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  1. Sure it's daytime, it's anytime! And your non-editing looks beautiful!<3