Wednesday, February 1, 2012

VIE: Valentine's Day Collection

Hello again :)

I know, ANOTHER Virus Insanity Eyeshadow post, but I promise its pretty stuff, and of course, Valentine's  Day related.  This is what i came across while looking at her fan page:



Bright, pigmented, completely MATTE, and mango flavored...Score!!
Source: VIE Fan Page

This completely reminds me of MAC "Goes and Goes" but as in the 
'gloss' version!!!!

"Cutie Pie"
This one is so loaded with glitter. I think I need this one...and it is obviously
strawberry flavored. 

"Be Mine" 
One of her amazing duochrome colors. Can you see all the color shifts?
I love all her duochromes, they are very nice and breath taking. 

I believe there are more options/choices on her page.  These are sold in a trio, and sells for $14.  I have a ton of her glosses and i honestly like them so much. They are think and sticky but not in a gross and annoying manner, very hard to describe. The only thing i can think of as a "con" (well not really a con or negative thing really) is the fact that they are potted.   I know some people like pots, others does not.  I fall in between, but tend to lean towards potted gloss, just because 1) I have a very makeup saavy 4yr old little girl who loves to dig into my stash, and 2) i am always at school, so i tend to not carry a lip brush and well, i have to go wash up in order to re apply.

I really want that Soulmate. such a nice color!

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