Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Simply Sweet Skin: Valentine's Day Collection-YUM!

Hello :)

I cannot believe we are in February (well almost!). wow.  So, as I was browsing around for Valentine's Day stuff i want to get, I remembered one of my favorite bath and body indie companies, Simply Sweet Skin!  Just take a look at this yummy-looking soap!!

Raspberry Chocolate Drizzle
What a perfect Valentine's Day soap! This is a hand cut cocoa butter soap. Multi layered with little pink hearts embedded in the tops. Also touched by a light dusting of glitter and a drizzle of "chocolate" on the tops of each soap! 

Candy Kisses Lip Honey ~ LIMITED EDITION
This lip honey is a pretty girly light PINK! It also contains pink and white glitter! it is moderately pigmented and can be applied lightly for a sheer wash of color or is buildable for a bolder color! This lip honey is flavored of sweet candy!

Swatch :)

Lascivious ~ Custom perfume oil - 
This is a complex and alluring fragrance. Very girly, flirty and fun! raspberry, grape, and blackberries combine with roses, vanilla, amber and musk to create this perfume..
Comes in a .50 ounce GLASS bottle as pictured. Metal screw on top is adorned with a red glass jewel. Contains a plastic insert for applying the perfume!

Strawberries & Cream ~ Sugar Scrub SOAP!This is a scrub and soap bar all in one! The pink strawberry side is a solid sugar scrub and massage bar - flip over to the white cream side for a moisturizing shea butter SOAP!

Color of Love ~ 
Sugar Stick Lip Cream..A bright red and frosty pink mingle, marble and combine to create the perfect color of love for your lips! Both colors are moderately pigmented. Can be applied lightly for a sheer wash of color or buildable for a bolder color. Red is sugared cherries and pink is sugared strawberries!

OMG. It all sounds so delicious.  I am a huge fan of her lip butters and Sugar Sticks, along with her custom blended fragrances...well, i am a huge fan of everything she makes.  I kid you not, her stuff smells just like the real deal :)

Go check out her shop (i linked you at the beginning of the post).  I guarantee you her products are amazing and well worth the wait :)

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