Thursday, February 16, 2012

Makeup challenge: Rocky Horror: Magenta


This week's challenge in Never too Much Sparkle, which is admined by Wendi from Makeup Zombie consisted of Rocky Horror.  I have never seen the movie/play! I know right! it seems to be a cult classic, so i will definitely try to get a hold of the movie and watch it.

I did Magenta, since it was last minute and the makeup was 'easier' or less time consuming than most characters.  Here is what i came up with:

I went off a pic on my cell phone, which it was a little off once i saw it on my computer lol.  Either way, I was not too happy with the result, but the girls in there are amazing and supportive, so I decided to 'turn it in' as my look for this week's challenge.

BTW, I HATE nyx jumbo eye pencils. I used the black one as a base, and topped it with loads of black eye shadow, and it creased horribly within 5 minutes :(  So i cold not show a pic with my eyes closed. grrrr.  Nerver again. I knew better but i decided to give it a try and nope, to the trash it went.

What do you think :)?

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