Wednesday, February 15, 2012

FOTD: Soft and Sparkly

Hello :)

Hope everyone had a great Valentine's Day!!  I did not celebrate it, because I had a Chem exam from 5-7pm, I never really do, since everywhere is so crowded.  I did, however, get a card and chocolates and of course, makeup :)

On to my post, this is what i wore sometime this weekend.  Sorry for the bad pictures but i could not get a clear shot to save my life! I wish i had though, since the glitter was all holo and teal and pink, very  pretty.  And i simply adore these lash style, they are my fave, and i am running low and cannot find them on Ebay, grrrrr.

I had a peachy pink shadow and a light grey on the corners.

Omg see that sparkle? God how I love flashy eyes lol

Full face, (sorry im in my makeup tank top).  I paired my flashy eyes with 
MAC Nouveau Pink, one of my absolute must-have pinks!
That was my face for a family gathering. Of course, I am the only one in my family (and the hubby's) who wears 'good' makeup, as in having somewhat of a skill to apply pigments etc, and of course, the only one who wears glitter, loud, bright colors etc, and I love that lol.

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