Friday, February 17, 2012

MAC Quick Sizzle and


Here i am with one of 2 lipsticks i got  from MAC  Shop Collection. I told myself i was not going to get anything but, nope, i sure did.  Here are some pictures of MAC Quick Sizzle.  It is a very bright, neony, hot pink, and its matte finish.  I guess there are other mac comparable colors (not dupes), such as Girl about Town. etc.  
The flash kinda tones it down a bit. Still very pretty.

I wore this eyes with it. 

This is daytime, and i think with flash.  

This is in the car, in sunny AZ using my cellphone camera.
See how intense it is? 

I was unsure of this color, but looking at the MAC counter girls made me get it. it is a tad out of my comfort zone, as i tend to do loud eyes but rarely any real colored lips.  I wore it on Sunday and i must admit, it was loud and neony, but i loved it and got tons of compliments.  I am glad i got it, but sad its a limited edition, like always grrrrr.  

did you guys get anything from the new MAC collections at all?  :)


  1. i loveee matte lipsticks the pink looks gorgeous with the subtle eyes

    1. OMG thank you! I admire your work so very much :)

  2. What eyelashes are you using? =) Gorgeous look!