Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Wet n Wild 2012 Collection: Lips and Cheeks


I have seen these new wnw items pop up at random Walgreens stores on my area! Finally we get a collection on time, AZ hardly gets these :(

As much as I wanted to buy the entire display, i did not. I only picked up a few items for me and some for a friend.  Here are some swatches.  Sorry i did not take lip swatches, it was late at night and the lighting was not helping me lol

The small haul....

Bronzer: Ticket to Brazil (its huge!) 
It feels 'creamy' when swatched. i love it.

No flash, left is heavily swatched and then blended out, but with a heavy hand. 

flash..and all color washed out lol 
 I also read that one of the 3 new bronzers is the same as the one called "Acapulco...." so, if you are on the lookout for that one, get the one that has "Cabana" as a name (sorry i did not get that one and cannot remember the exact names)
New Lipsticks!!!!!

Lolly PopStar (sparkly pink), Birthday Suit(basic pearly nude), Salsa Lessons(coraly red, cream with no frost), Within These Adobe Walls (nudy pink, no frost)

this one and the above one are in natural daylight and no flash. 

Flash :/

Overall, i was impressed with the staying power of these lipsticks. I am not sure if they are marketed as long lasting, but they sure did.  I wore  Lolly Popstar with Birthday Suit over it and it made look so pretty and a little toned down but pretty, and it did last a while, i would say over 4 hours without reapplying!   Also the bronzer does not look orange on me, and that's a first.  I rarely wear bronzers for that reason, but this year i am determined to wear them :)

Have you tried any of these new items?  I am wanting to get more lipsticks, in colors i normally would not get. I have too many pinks and reds, time to get new colors in, also, these have a peel off coupon, so, they rang up at $1.99 and minus $1 coupon....uhm, cant go wrong for !4 lipstick lol


  1. Everything looks really pretty and pigmented!


    1. They are! the only one I do not like as much (but its really pretty) is birthday Suit, and mainly because i somehow got used to bright lipsticks :)