Thursday, January 19, 2012

Shiro Cosmetics


Today's post is about a couple items from Shiro Cosmetics.  This is the first time I try them, but so far, I liked what I received (Christmas gifts lol).  I have 2 lipcolors (Intertubes) and 3 pigments.  They have interesting names, which makes them kind of fun ;)

Intertubes: 3 Wolf Moon (sheer pinkish red, cinnamon flavor) and Leeroy Jenkins (lavender pink, Spearmint)

They look odd on the tube, and it is normal for some butters to bead like this. In my opinion, they dont feel bumpy, so I am ok with that. 

as you can see, they are very creamy and buttery, go on smoothly and are pigmented. Not as much as a lipstick, but there is definitely color to these. 

Din's Fire (glittery lilac) ), Zelda (super sparkly peach) , Reverse Psychology (gittery lavender) and Small Key (deep glittery brown) 

These were swatched over a thin layer of clear eyeshadow base 
It was very hard to capture all the glitter, but they are pretty. 

Overall, i like these, but there are small issues with them (for me anyway).  I love and adore the lip colors, they are so moisturizing and they do last long for a lip balm type thing, but i HATE the packaging.  Why on earth did she put them in oval tubes rather than round? That makes them both a pain in the neck to apply and easier, if you angle it right, they work. I honestly hate the tube but love the product. Also, Leeroy, well my leeroy did not smell or taste of spearmint, at all. it was 100000% unscented and unflavored. which is fine, but i happen to live spearmint lol. 

The pigments are nice and pretty, but if you are not a glitter fan, these are not for you. I wear glittery stuff so I love these. Zelda is my favorite, because its an orangey peach, very pretty. The other 3 colors are nice, but i have lots of others that look is just difficult to find super unique shades when you own over 100 pigments combined lol. 

I definitely want to buy more lipsticks, but the tubes, ugh those tubes, they get on my last nerve.  They also released a finishing powder, and i think i NEED it, we will see! 

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  1. 3 Wolf Moon is one of my favourite lipstick, the colour is gorgeous and I don't even speak about the cinnamon smell!!