Monday, January 16, 2012

Pigment Swatches: Fyrinnae

Hello ladies :)

I have been posting so many pigment or eye shadow swatches, but I have so many new ones, mainly stuff I got for Christmas from a few friends.  Also, I have been all into "indie" mineral makeup companies, more than high end.  There are several reasons for that choice, but the main ones are 1) colors/pigmentation/quality is amazing and totally comparable to higher end pigments, at a fraction of the cost, 2)  They are most, if not all, women-operated, and I am a huge supporter of small business run by women and 3) Most of them take custom orders!! I have  quite a few colors that i imagined and they created :) how cool is that?!!!!

Today, I have a few pigments from Fyrinnae.  The creator of this company is simple a genius, and a man, of course!  He makes the most amazing, complex, and unique colors.  Also, their "Pixie Epoxy" (their 'foiling' medium, aka glitter glue) is heaven-sent. That alone, made me a customer for life!  That mentioned, the swatches are over some primer, and over that i added the Pixie Epoxy (or glitter glue) and then the swatch.  One thing to make note of, most of Fyrinnae's pigments are twice as gorgeous when applied over Pixie Epoxy or glitter glue, it just makes them so insanely vibrant.........on to the pictures:)

Top: Aztec Gold, Wicked and Purgatory
Middle: Polar Bear, STFU, and Karimizu
Bottom: Calavera Cupcakes

Natural Light, no flash 

Wicked is such an intense glittery blue, the pictures do not do it justice!
Polar bear is a light gold, very light though!
Aztec gold is antique gold tone and you can totally see a little green. 
Purgatory is a blackened wine/red/burgundy. looks best applied over glitter glue or wet 
Calavera Cupcakes is amazing! it has so much sparkle, RAINBOW micro fine sparkle :)

Close up of Calavera Cupcakes...and I still could not pick up the glitter. 

I love and adore Fyrinnae. I use their Silica gel face primer, their powder primer and finishing powder.  Their prices are not too bad, considering the product.  Also, their 'Mini' sizes are more than enough (see Wicked) to last a long time, so instead of a 'full size', a mini allows you to buy more.  If nothing else, you should definitely try Pixie Epoxy.  It is the best thing i have ever used,  a little tricky at first, but once you get it its like OMG! 

One bummer about Fyrinnae is their availability.  They leave the shop open to browse, but deactivate checking out. That mentioned, they are closed more than they are open, and they are notorious for that.  Quite honestly, that has never bothered me, because when they are open, i get what i need, and i am all set for a few months, plus, they have the  LOWEST shipping prices on the internet, YES, they sure do.  I always pay like $2 to get my stuff home. And if you ever give them a try, dont get freaked out by their turn around time, no, it has never taken 42 days for me to get my stuff, usually it takes a week, max.  I think they say 42 days in order to cover all their bases, in case they get huge orders. 

So, that is all i have for this post, I hope that some of you are considering trying indie products.  Look on my side bars, there are links to makeup stores and bath stuff, all hand made (and nope, i dont get a cent for those links at all, and nope, i dont get free stuff either). IF you do, let me know what you tried :)

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