Saturday, January 14, 2012

Maybelline Bouncy Blush: Hot Tamale

Hello Ladies!

you have probably seen this way too many times, but here is yet another swatch and sort of a quick review.  I hesitated to get this at first, i swear i do not need more blushes, but the whole "bouncy" kept calling my name :)    Let;s take a look at the pics:
Maybelline  Dream Bouncy Blush in "Hot Tamale"

Left: my finger :) looove to push it down lol. To the right, you can see the dents 
caused by my stippling brush. I swear its pushy and bouncy, similar to the original version but not at all  crumbly.

As much as i tried, i could not get a good swatch. I tried it all, day light, flash, night time, artificial light, no flash etc and GRRRRRRRR  this is the best i was able to get :(

It is a very frightening shade in the packaging but it is actually subtle, and of course, buildable. 

I applied this with a stippling brush, as i can never get it right if i use my fingers.   It gives a nice sheer red glow, kind of hot pink but wearable.  It did give me a healthy glow and it actually stayed put all day, so I am happy for that.

The only thing i wonder is the color payoff on the lighter shades.  I am wanting to get a few other colors (ok, all of them) but if i was able to get a nice flush of color with this bright shade, it makes me wonder if the pink ones or lighter ones will give me color....I guess I have to get them and find out!

I definitely recommend these and i will most likely get a couple other colors.  I am thinking of tossing all my old blushes (I have not checked exp dates in soooo long lol) and begin a new collection with a few of this. 

What do you guys think? have you tried these?  I am super excited to see drugstore makeup FINALLY compete with higher end and indie cosmetics :)

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