Friday, January 13, 2012

New Pigments: Unique Pigments


I have so much makeup to swatch and I am so very behind *sigh*.  Here are the most recent items from my favorite indie company Unique Pigments (the link is also on my top right corner here on my blog).  Let's take a look at all the pretties :) Oh, I forgot to mention, these were my Xmas gift from the maker of Unique Pigments, Zenthia, which happens to be a close friend of mine ;)

Top: Night Elf, Pmpin', Mint Car, Alise, Shock 'em Hard, and Fib on bottom.
Baggies are Eclipse, Lilac Spell and Hollywood 

eclipse, Mint Car, Pimpin', Fib, Night Elf, (Cant read the label on this red), Lilac spell, Hollywood and alise 
Eclipse: its a white shimmery base that reflects red.
Mint Car: a yummy pale sherbet minty green with silver glitter 
Pimpin: purple
Fib: its a grey, but looks blueish green, so pretty 
Night Elf: purple with lots of aqua glitter 
Sicko Red
Lilac spell: a rosy lilac with silver 
Hollywood: Hot pink with sparkle
Alise: palest lightest shimmery blue ever. 

Shock 'em Hard and Dancing Dror 
Shock 'em Hard: Bright, almost neon blue with teeny silver glitter
Dancing Dror: light blue with silver 

And This one was a total surprise to me: Soraya!! (she made it for me, "Soraya" happens to be my first name, Aranza my middle name)
Left: over UD Primer, Middle: White base, and Righ: Black  base
Soraya:  This one is a gorgeous one. it is like an antique silver/gold? but its more gold than it is silver, but very neutral and wearable.

What can I say lol? I am a makeup addict. buy it, collect it, hoard it, so that said, i love all of them...a lot. my absolute faves, if I must choose, are Fib, Soraya and Night Elf. but I use them all :)  Check out their page whenever you have a moment, Zenthia is an amazing person and she makes good quality pigments :)

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