Thursday, January 12, 2012

Finger Paints Nail Polish: Twisted


I have been seeing lots of pictures of nails with flakey glitter topcoats, so, while i was shopping around at Sally's, I saw Finger Paint nail polishes.  These seem to be similar to perhaps more pricey brands, but i am not sure.  I have a huge amount of nail polishes, and honestly i have not even used half of my collection.

I have been into more fashion-forward styles lately, so perhaps i am now interested in polished nails :)

Here are the colors I chose:  "Twisted" and Wet n Wild polish (On The Prowl Collection)

close-up (failed, of course) 

Why yes, OF COURSE I had to cater to my child right after i painted my nails :(
Needless to say, I have to re-do them, but, i wanted to show you the awesome flakies!

I did not buy the entire collection, so I only have Twisted. It is very holographic and so pretty. One coat is plenty, but here, i have 2 coats, hence the failure lol.  I am not sure if i will get the rest of them, but if you could just get one, this would be the best choice!

I will try to redo them soon, hopefully I wont have to do anything right after :)

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