Wednesday, January 11, 2012

LODT: Overdue NYE look :)

Hello ladies :)

So, I just noticed I started this post and never even scheduled it...grrrr!  So, here is what I wore on NYE.  I dont really party, so I wore this to a family event.  Sadly, I am the ONLY makeup junkie and somewhat saavy in the entire fmily, so it was fun to see their them, this is nearly impossible to achieve; which makes me giggle and makes me want to give them makeup lessons at the same time lol.  Here are some pictures I took: 

My hair was messy, big and uneven on purpose, fyi  :p

I really ended up liking this. It was kind of accidental lol...glad it ended up looking all right :)
These lashes are so insanely long. I love it. (Ebay seller: Glamlabel)
Eyeshadow: i dont remember, but the copper is by TheBodyNeeds (Sparkles Copper)

And this is my outfit. I really need to work on my posture, no joke, but i tried.  I adore leopard print, and 
i got this dress a day before at Forever21.  I totally forgot to take a pic of my awesome nude pumps. 

Thats all i have. I am slowly trying to dress up more and get out of my college-student  dress code.  I did like being all dressy and having the right pump helps a ton.  The heels were not too high (i am 5'11"), i think they are 3.5 inches, but  they were sort of rounded and not too pointy, and a size larger, so that made them super comfy for all night dancing :)


  1. I lobe the makeup look so pretty. You need to give me classes lol. I also adore your hair like this it looks very pretty and soft on you.

  2. aww thank you girl <3 I actually liked the hair too, it was messy but i liked it. And i need fashion classes lol...haave a hard time thinking about fashion forward outfits .

  3. The sparkly copper is really pretty. Now I want to see if I can duplicate that with my Eye Kandy for a look.

    1. that pigment is almost all glitter, so i am so sure you can ;)