Saturday, January 7, 2012

OCC Lip Tars: Finally!!!


I am so sure I am the LAST person to try these, but I still decided to post about these.  I have seen a tremendous amount of pictures and swatches, most of them made me want to try these, but I never did.  I guess since these require a tiny amount for the whole lips, i did not see the point of getting an entire tube that was going to last me years lol...Well, a friend has several of them, and I purchased a sample of 2 colors.   She used the cutest little tiny glass bottle to package them in <3 and I am so glad I got a 'sample' because OMG a tiny amount is all i needed.  Here are the swatches.


This is a Strawberry milk kinda color. although it is not 'Bright', it is in a way

Looove it 

This one is so intense, i was like @_@ but its gorgeous.  I personally do not think i can pull this one off at all, but it is a very pretty color.

My fave combo.  I mixed Femme and Anime together and i loved the result, more 'me'

I love the concept of the Lip Tars. and to my surprise, they are very opaque and long lasting.  They also smell minty, a plus.   Sadly, I still refuse to buy them.  I don't want a lifetime worth of them at all, but if i can get my hands on samples again, i totally will buy.   I'm sure you all have tried them, so let me know if there are any colors that are must haves :)

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