Saturday, January 7, 2012

"Doll" inspired LOTD


So, I tried to change the URL on this blog, but then I realized no one would see my posts :( so there I went and changed it back...I will figure it out though lol.

Today's face is based on a "doll-face" challenged posted in one of the makeup groups I'm a member of.  Im still not sure if these looks will be featured on a blog or not, if so, i will edit and link you guys there, so you can see what everyone came up with,

So, I actually looked doll-like in person. I took 60 pics, washed up, and then edited....only to find i had glued  one of the bottom lashes wrong, and the glue kinda looked white :/  grrrrrrrrrrr!!!  So, you guys get a side view, this was the only non ugly pic i had.

I LOVE that hair bow, its huge and looks like if it were a headband!  so what am I wearing:

Eyes:  UDPP, Unique Pigments Tiny Pet Rally with Ticker Time dusted over it, Perfection as highlight.
Face: Skin79 Oriental Gold BB cream and Beauty From the Earth Mineral Foundation (Bisque) to set it
Cheeks:  TheBodyNeeds blush in Passionate Kisses, and Unique Pigment's Perfection as cheek highlight.

I love all the colors i own from Unique Pigments, but my all time faves are Ticker Time and Tiny Pet Rally, which is a copper/reddish/brownish color loaded with sparkle...and foiled is OMG amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok that is all for today, i will add links later one...Have a great weekend to catch up with reading lots and lots of blogposts from fellow bloggers :)


  1. I seriously hate it when I do a pretty look with falsies and the glue *looks* dry in my mirror and then I edit the pictures all I see is white rubbery glue all over the place.

    The camera lies, it LIES I tell you :)

  2. YES it does! i was not happy after taking the pics lol.

  3. I know this seems out of place. I'm trying to alert my followers that I've moved my business/blog to a domain now. You can delete the comment if you'd like, but I don't know how else to let everyone know where I will be in the future. I don't want to lose contact with those whom have supported me online. The choice for the move stems from a person whom claimed I copyright infringed on an article I wrote. I didn't want bad publicity for my business. I also wanted the blog to not take away from the business as Blogger didn't allow for a clean/professional appearance and the business hid away on sub pages.

    I am now at and I hope everyone will follow me over there. I do still check in on blogs, but I've just not been commenting. I'm de-lurking again!!