Thursday, December 29, 2011

Simply Sweet Skin: Lip Honey


I have been wanting to post my new set of lip glosses from Simply Sweet Skin for a while, and i finally got a few good pictures :p  I love their lip gloss formula, the owner, Catina, makes her own base, so it is not pre made and omg you can definitely feel the goodness.  Here are some of my Simply Sweet Skin "Lip Honey's"

This was a custom color i  asked her to make for me and i love it.  This swatch is the lip balm version of it.

 same as above, but this is the lip gloss version of it :)

This is "Flaunt" It is buildable, but definitely an everyday nude-ish color.
Here, no flash. 

With flash and different angle.

This is Peppermint Candy Cane Lip honey. Definitely sheer and minty
I use it almost daily, its very versatile and it goes nice over any color lipstick!
see the teeny red sparkles?!!! i cant believe i was able to capture them!

This is Pretty in Pink. a LE edition during Breast Cancer Awareness month. it is so gorgeous!
i suggested she keeps it in stock. it can be sheer pink or built to a hot pink hotness ;)

This one tastes and smells DELICIOUS!!! she told me it was 
Gummy Bear Flavored. YUM!!!

This is Once Bitten. It was hard for me to capture its true color. It is a deep
blood red, almost burnt. Definitely deep. Its pretty, but i can only wear it lightly, as it looks 
different on me for some reason.

Overall, I adore Simply Sweet Skin.  I own many of her products, and needless to say, i adore them and i have completely switched over to her stuff as far as gloss and body butters etc. Definitely worth checking her store.  Her Coffee scented body frosting and scrub smell just like coffee, so addictive lol...thats why i love her products, the scent is so real and not artificial-smelling :)

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