Friday, December 30, 2011

Virus Insanity Lip Gloss Swatches :)


As you can most likely tell, i am a fan of Virus Instanity Eyeshadow (link is also on my upper left side bar), so when she started making lip gloss, of course, i wanted to try them all!  Here are a few swatches.  She has many unique colors, and they are called :anti-Virus" Lipgloss :)

Frankenstein Girl
This one is a sheer pink with blue shift.  Very pretty and it is amazing over any pink lipstick.  This one is Passion Fruit flavored

Man Eater
This one is a creamy, non sparkly hot pink.  I believe this is a Chai latte flavor. 
This is by my window


This gloss looks purple-ish on the jar, and sparkly, but it goes on rather sheer.  It is almost like a pearly pink.  My favorite is a peppermint one


This is definitely one of my 2 absolute favorites! its a sheer hot pink and very forgiving.
This is with flash

Death by Bubblegum 
OMG my absolute favorite! this is a HOT NEON pink, and it is black-light reactive! 
super pigmented and very very neon. I love this one so much :p 

All of her lip glosses are amazing.  This are a little different than the ones i have posted earlier this week, its an entire different concept, colors and formula.  I have yet to find something i dont like from VIE, everything is of high quality, including her gloss.

If i were to just pick something i kinda dislike, it would be the packaging, It comes in jars/pots rather than a tube. I have no problem with them, but i am messy and a little clumsy at times, and i can just see the mess i can potentially make, however, it has not stopped me from carrying them with me (in a little baggie lol) and wearing them.  I would definitely buy them again, I am awaiting to see the new colors she comes up with :)

So, Have you guys given Indie makeup a try?  I am still a drugstore and name brand junkie all the way, but the more i discover indie, the less i like MAC pigments. Honestly. I rather buy indie pigments than a MAC one lol....


  1. the pink lipglosses are so great! but i don't like medusa and indoors, they are so icy... anyway, great blog :)

  2. Maybe the pinks, I agree, the others look spotty and icky. Good review though!

  3. I love the pinks because they are more pigmented, but actually, the other light frosty ones are not spotty or icky at all. Perhaps is the angle and the reflection that makes them look odd. They are frosty or pearly for sure, but they have the same consistency as the pink ones :)