Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa was too nice to me this year :)


Here is a quick post of some of the gift i got for Christmas. I am still waiting for 2 more to get here, so i will post those later.  Lets see the first one:

This is what my significant other gave me :) and this was 
all a surprise, so he actually went out and about to buy me something!
Urban Decay Book of Shadows IV

The liner is so very black!!  I can't wait to try it.  i hadn't seen pics of this before, so it was a total surprise.
also, 10 of the 16 shadows are new, so that is a nice bonus.  I love UDPP, so yay for a travel sized one! also, it has a mascara and a speaker for your has a lot of little extras that are just nice. 
I will swatch all of these and post them later. 
 This was a gift sent to me by one of my out of state friends. I love her so much, and she 
knows me well...all MAKEUP haha!
These are TheBodyNeeds, Fyrinnae, Unique Pigments and VIE. 


And this one was given to me by my Sister in-law. OMG i have been wanting one for so long, but 
im too cheap to pay for it! I never ask for stuff on christmas, never had and never will. I never expect
people to give me anything and this year i was like OMFG! I am still in shock. I love baking , so this will make it so much easier!!

Thats all i have for now, and i am beyond happy. I  still cannot believe in laws and out of state friends sent me stuff, for me and my daughter, and my own sister and brothers have NEVER given me anything. EVER. funny how that works eh? Oh well. i am beyond happy i get a few presents from time to time :)

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