Tuesday, December 27, 2011

My Christmas LOTD!!

Hello beauties.

I have been MIA for a while, mainly because school kicks my butt too much, and since med school application process is near, i have less time to blog, however, i have tons and tons of stuff i will post during the break!
Hope you all had wonderful holidays and that you enjoyed every minute of them. I sure did enjoy mine, and i ate so so so much, its not even funny lol.

Here is my Christmas Eve face:
I used VIE and SugarPill

 Excuse the unedited pics. i can see my HUGE pimple lol

 Ugh , i need photoshop :p

I wore this. Its too short for my taste but i loved it. and OMG the leopard print fish net tights are the cutest!!!!

This is what I used:

VIE: Fortune, Sandy, Sugar Plum, and Obsene
Tick:Tock Infinity base in Black Hole (the best ever)
Sugar Pill in Magentrix and Goldielux


  1. :O omg I LOVE this! You don't need photoshop at all, you look beautiful! I love your outfit too :) x

  2. Purple joy. =)
    I wouldn't say the outfit is too short, actually.