Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Simply Sweet Skin-Lip Honey


Today, I wanted to post about my favorite lip glosses at the moment. I have quite a few, and some of them are not posted here :)  These are Simply Sweet Skin Lip Honey, they are pigmented lip glosses made from scratch, no base here, and you can truly feel the difference.  I have ditched my Victoria's Secret beauty Rush glosses ever since discovering these.  Here are a few pics:
"Plain Jane"
this is a frosty nudy pink.

"Flaunt it"
bronzey golsish neutral, very buildable. I barely used any here
to keep it sheer.

This is a custom color she made for me.
Frosty lavender, cupcake flavored.

"Pretty in Pink"
I think this was a LE edition for breast cancer awareness
month. It is by far the prettiest pink i have owned..
I keep asking the owner to reformulate this one :D
Collage of all of the above. the tol right is "empty soul" a fall color
and coppery. very pretty.

"Bubbling Cauldron"

This was a LE Halloween color. Chocolate flavored.
This is applied full strength. it can be toned down to a sheer
purple and can be wearable.

Needless to say, I have a lip gloss addiction lol. I love Simply sweet Skin glosses, they are so pretty and make my lips so soft, and they dont cake up on me or get all gooey and gross....a plus!!!!

Check out their store and look at all the pretty colors she makes :)


  1. Those are beautiful colors! I would love to try them!

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