Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow: Monster High Collection


I have been MIA for too long, however, I stil lread all your blogs :)  I guess i got all caught up on having absolutely nothing to do with school work all summer, and sort of did nothing at all! I did buy a few things here and there, mostly Bath and Body, Cosmetics, Skincare.....

Today I will show you one of my favorite indie mineral makeup companies. I absolutely love Virus Insanity eyeshadow (VIE).  Not only are the pigments of superb quality, but so is the customer service!  I own about 22 pigments from them, and i still have a ton on my wish list lol. 

This is one of her many Custom order collections, This is the one I designed :)  I am too old for Monster High stuff, but I love the dolls, in fact, I own DracuLaura and Frankiestein!  A couple of the pigments are duochromes, which are so very complex and breath-taking!  Custom Collections are $4 a per jar, with no limit quantity.  They do not have to be paid for beforehand, which is amazing! Also, once the collection is done, you get to see tons of pics in different lighting, and if you are not satisfied, she will redesign and remake whatever you dont like....for no extra charge! Sweet right!!

Let's take a look: (btw, i got full permission by VIE to use their pictures)
Names and descriotions below all pictures  :)

1) is a white but looks teal or blue. Similar to Sugarpill's Lumi

the first 4 are very wearable. even together they look very pretty.
Of course, the pink and the red are amazing worn with black!

7) DracuLaura is LOADED with hot pink glitter. wow. It looks best when foiled.

4) Clawdeen: This is my favorite :) It is the most gorgeous and complicated neutral ive ever seen!

That pink has the prettiest violet duochrome

6) Ghoulia: Omg, this red is amazing. its a deep true blood red, satiny, i love it. it looks so pretty as a lipgloss.
The names pertain to all the girls from the Monster High series!
  1. Abbey: Shimmery white, shifts to turquoise-blue-purple. Duochrome!
  2. Lagoona: light yellow with irredescence that shifts from turquoise-blue-purple.
  3. Cleo: Soft Beige golden brown.
  4. Clawdeen: Brownish color that shifts from golden green to gold- to purple. Duochrome!
  5. Spektra:  Magenta with blue-purple irredescence
  6. Ghoulia: Satiny, bright red
  7. DracuLaura: matte black with tons of magenta glitter
  8. FrankieStein: soft shimmery black with silver glitter and white irredescent glitter.
In my honest opinion, Virus Insanity Eyeshadow is one of the best, most complex mineral makeup formulators. Her colors are insanely pretty, and although when I think VIE i immediately think of glitter, sparkle, unicorns, icecream cones and cupcakes...she also has many neutrals, more toned down shades that one can call 'wearable' (i quote that because i wear loud colors daily, so anything is wearable for me, but not for many).

Any cons? well for me, NONE. I honestly no longer get wowed by MAC anymore. VIE is very pigmented and opaque (covers well, not sheer at all) with or without primer, but of ourse, primer just makes them more insanely pigmented. I have worn many of their pigments as lippies and i love them.  I guess i should mention that if you are not fond of fun glittety colors, then alot of these would not make your heart happy, however, they have variety, and their price is one of the most affordable out there.  One 5g jar alone is $5, however, they have "sets/bundles" that knock the price down when purchased as such.

Please stop by Virus Insanity Eyeshadow Facebook page and check them out, look at their amazing colors and collections and "like" their page ;)

**In case anoyone wonders, I did not and do not get paid or compensated to blog about VIE or any other company. I did not receive freebies or samples to review. I bought this on my own as i have the rest. I would never approach a company and ask them to give me freebies for review, i am way too embarrased to to that lol!


    1. First off I love Monster High!! I have no idea why they dont show it anymore LOL =p and second those colors are AMAZING!!! I'm gonna check them out!! Awesome review!

    2. Woww all the shades are soo pigmented!!!! Thanks for the swatches <3

    3. LOVE my VIE!! I wear it every day and it's my favorite MMU by far!! Awesome review!

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