Tuesday, August 2, 2011

BB Cream: Blemish Recovery Balm

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I have been a BB Cream user for a long time now, but since i have seen them slowly making hteir way into the US market, I decided to post bout it. There are numerous brands out there, but  tend to stick to a few.

One thing i would like to mention is the newer "BB Creams" that are here in the US (Sephora, MAC and Smashbox all have a BB Cream, and they call them "Beauty Balm Cream) are in no way shape or form comaprable to the Asian ones. The American BB creams are either foundation or tinted moisturizer labeled as BB cream with none of the true benefits of the authentic BB creams...Basically you are paying for a foundation rather than a tinted treatment cream...That menitoned, lets go on!
So What is BB Cream?

So, in general, BB creams are like an all in one beauty product, offering many benefits such as antioxidants, moisturizer, anti aging, anti wrinkle, oil control, whitenitg, lightening, SPF (big one) and plenty more. Some BB creams offer it all in one, some are more targeted to a specific problem, such as my skin...I have oily and acne prone skin, thus i need oil control and blemish control on top of all.  SPF seems to be a major benefit, as most have at least SPF 25 and i have ones that are as high as SPF 50.

Also, BB cream is your foundation! In most cases, BB cream has enough coverage for you not to use foundation on top, but you sure can if you want.

These are 3 of my favorite BB Creams:

BRTC Blemish Recover Balm, spf 28, for oily/blemish/troubled skin

More Info

My Experience

As i mentioned, i have been using BB cream for a while now (mainly Missha Perfect cover) but I recently decided to try this brand, due to their claims on oil and acne (i break out quite often, sadly).  Within 4 days of wearing this everyday, just as my moisturizer and foundation, I did notice a huge diference in my current breakouts and my overall skin texture.  I do feel it has oil control, but not as much as i would love to have (which can be sort of impossible to have lol). it has 10gr less than Missha and it is usually more expensive, but Costsell sells it for 19.99.

One thing to makenote of is the application process. Many people here in the US have reviewed them and tend to dislike them. why? Well BB cream IS on the heavy side, thus a heavy application with a brush will lead to cackey face. Fingers work best, as its easier to spread it and build coverage from there.  I personally use a brush, but very carefully and in teeny amounts at a time.  Once you get past that, it is a breeze and you wil love it.

  • This helps to heal blemishes and troubled skin
  • Privides excellent coverage, with little to no need of forther concealing.
  • Once set stays put all day
  • All the soothing benefits plus SPF 28
  • Can be cackey if applied incorrectly or too much
  • BB creams in general come in limited skin shades, and most tend to be pale (NC15-25 tops), but there are some brands with new darker shades (yay)
  • Can oxidize on some people. ( i never experiece oxidation at all)
  • at first looks a little grayish (spf) but it settles in and then WOW
  • Not available in stores, and withour proper research, sellers can hike up the prices too much.
There are plenty of awesome brands to choose from, such as Missha, Holika Holika, SkinFood and Skin79 to name a few. Most are around the same price, but vary in size.  Here are some of the stores/sellers that are reliable and i hae purchased from...


  1. I love Missha BB Cream (asian version), I got some for my teenage sister wh has acne and gives her the perfect coverage and helps her skin as well.

  2. you always do the perfect review thanks for the comment will post a blog on my weigh lost soon thanks for asking =)