Thursday, August 18, 2011

Simply Sweet Skin: Haul

Hello lovelies!

I recently purchased a few items from Simply Sweet Skin (SSS).  Due to persistent skin conditions (dryness and keratosis pilaris) I have turned to mostly indie bath and body products, and it has been months since I used mass produced items (VS, Bath and body works etc).  I have been successful at combating my skin issues, and just to test things out, I occassionally switch to 'regular' store bought products and sure enough, the chicken skin comes back with a vengeance!   Let's take a look!

Whipped Creme soap

This is the best thing for shaving your legs. it just glides.
this also foams up, so it can be used as body wash.
"Rocker Chick" is a LUSH Dupe!

Lip Butter and Scrub 
The sugary-sweet scrub is totally edible lol. I have these in different flavors, but coconut butter rum is my favorite.
The lip Butter is amazing! it makes your lips so soft and smooth, and best of all it does not get all gooey and goopy and cakey on your lips or the corners of your mouth. I had never used balm regularly before this one.

Perfume Oils 
This one is in Rocker Chick. I have another one in "sex kitten" her scents are complex and makes you wonder exactly what they smell like. Sex kitten has raspberries in it, and Red High Heels is just breath taking.

Whipped Body frosting 
the fragance of mine is again, Rocker Chick, but i cannot wait to get if in her coffee flavor, yum!

This is very emollient and ful of goodness. it is rather thick, but a little goes a long way. it may feel a little heavy at first but it soaks right in. I suffer from sweaty feet and hands, so anything too oily is a no no for me, but honestly, this really soaks in and there is not greasy resudue after.

So, what is so great about Simply Sweet Skin? well, for me, the fact that is run by a woman and she is a nurse! I love supporting women-run businesses. Also, i am aware of other indie bath and body companies, and although I do not mind people using pre-made bases, Simply Sweet makes their own from scratch, and their prices are very affordable. Of course you can find other places that offer similar products for a little less, but I rather buy from a trust worthy place, and from someone who makes their bases, in case an item needs to be customized due to allergies or just because. 

If i were to go over the pros for SSS, i would take a long time typing it.  The important factore here is performance and quality, and to me, these products have both.  I cannot pin point any cons, however, there are always those who like things differently, for example, a less emollient body cream etc. Im my experieces with this company, i can tell you for a fact that the owner will customize anything if you ask. In my case, I always ask her to make my perfume oils extra strong, and she does, and she does not charge extra for that. How is that for awesome service!!!!!?

So, if you are looking into venturing into the indie bath adh body world, do keep Simply sweet Skin in mind. she offers samples and a small sampler kit for a very low price.  Do visit her shop and do look at her soaps. My daughter still things those cuppy cake soaps are for her to eat! oooh and the margarita soap smells just like, well, a margarita. Also, if you are a FaceBook person, her fanpage can be found by clicking here

**these items were purchased by me. i do not get paid or free product for reviewing :) thought i would let you all know that :)


  1. Cute packaging. I have yet to completely venture into some of the indie bath/body lines. I do enjoy reading all the reviews I'm seeing for them though because if I decide to purchase anything in the future it's a help to get opinions on each of them.

    Also, I nominated you for an award at

  2. you give the best reviews !!! keep it up girl