Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I Got some pretties in the mail!

Hello!  A friend of mine sent me a goodie bag this weekend, and i just had to share!  Here are the pics:

Black wire rings....
I had no idea 'sealing' them with clear polish would help maintain its color...
same for the copper ring, so it wont turn green :)

The green stone is so pretty.  I love hand made things so much, it is stuff like this
that makes my day and makes me smile!

Some makeup, of course!
She told me these are Aromaleigh's pigments, and that company is no longer
in business. They are so nice, im bummed out i was not into indie companies
before, or else i would have owned all her pigments lol.

The bottom row, last 2 colors are the same, except the last one was swatched over Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy...sure does make a HUGE difference when the pigment is super glittery :)


  1. i really love the look of that green stone ring. very pretty :)

  2. great colors !!! what a cool friend thanks for the sweet comment on my blog =)