Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Eyeshadow Haul

Hello ladies!

Here is yet another pigment haul...from Unique Pigments.  For some reason, i cant seem to stop craving mineral pigments here are some pictures:

Top Row, L to R: Ambien-ce, Glinda, Blurple
Middle row, L to R: Pcockery, Sanguine, Celidon
Bottom Row L to R: Glitterati, (cant find that yellow one lol)

I love them all, as usual, Unique Pigments has great colors, they are silky amooth and blend flawlessly! Ambience is a light pink and it is actually a Blush but was made with eye and lip safe ingredients, therefore is a 3 in 1...and as a lippie it is amazing!  Sanguine is one of my favorites from UP because it is so intense, sort of a beick red shade with more red to it and it blends so darn well....i love it!!!!  If you have a chance try her pigments, you wont be disapointed :)

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