Monday, June 20, 2011

Small Eyeliner Haul: MAC and Physicians Formula

Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Ehnancing Eyeliner Trio: Brown Eyes! 

$8.69 at Walmart

Swatched on bare skin

After rubbing with ring finger, with enoung pressure for "erasing" it.

See the "after" results? Yup, I was impressed. I thought the PF liners were not going to keep up  with the MAC liner, and they sure did. This is my first time trying both brands, and im happty to say that MAC has been the best thing thus far, as it does not smudge on me, but most importatly, it does not make my eyes sting or burn., same with the PF liners. I have used them all for waterlining with no issuses....Now if i had known the PF liners were so good, i would have not spent $16 on MAC and would have gotten 6 liners for the price of pne MAC lol.

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