Monday, June 6, 2011

EOTD: Red and Black!


I have been MIA all last week. I dont know why, I just was not in the makeup mood, even though i still bought new pretties. I was feeling like wearing loud eyeshadow, so I went with Red and Black. all from Unique Pigments.  I know it seems like its all i wear, but its because I lvoe their colors and customer service...i honestly reach form y indie pigments way more often than my MAC!

Clam yo tits (red), star Catcher (white frost), 42! Dont panick (black)

These colors are so intense, i love them.  To my surprise, i got a lot of compliements at the mall, especially at the MAC counter....but i can never even dare to comare my skills to theirs, so that was huge for me !!!

I forgot to take a full face picture =/ so this will have to do. Also, i need to get me a new camera, but i am so cinfused as to what to buy. ugh, decisions are so hard at you youa ll soon and i''ll
'see' you on  your blogs ;)


  1. I am always amazed when I see people do cool looks with this color combo. I simply can't pull it off - I've tried and red on my eyes is not at all attractive no matter how I try to do it.

  2. looks great love the two colors !!! thanks for the sweet comment on my blog and bite your tough girl with the baby don't jinks me ahahahah