Wednesday, June 1, 2011

MAC tiny Haul

Hello ladies!

Hope you had a great holiday weekend! I did but im glad its over. So, I stopped at the MAC Counter over the weekend to get an eyeliner i needed, and since we all know that counter is EVIL, i ended up picking up one of the 2 sets from their newest collection....
MAC Pigment set in Summer Stash

The formula is definitely different from their regular pigments, these feel 'emolient' and have the consistency of 'wet sand' same consistency we would get if we were to add pressing medium to their
regular pigmets prior to pressing.  This definitely reduces fallour and adds
staying power....alot of it in my opinion!

Swatched on bare skin, patted on rather than brushed on

lightly blended out with finger. keep in mind that these are not swatched over primer, and still
have amazing holding power.

This is a comparison to 2 of the UD NAKED palette, that i thought were at least similar, but not exactly dupes of them.

Top row, 3rd color is 'Sin' from the NAKED palette. they are similar and it can almost be passed as a dupe, but Sin has more pink and is more opaque, not as shimmery and metal-y as MAC.  "virgin" from the NAKED palette can almost dupe the top row, shade 1.  Again, the luster and shimmer of the MAC is unique and rather noticeable.
Bottom row, forst 2 are MAC darkest colors. the first one is a very pretty shade of mauvy purple.  the second is a dark brown, but to me is not necessarily warm or cool....and the closest possibility is the 3rd swatch, also from the NAKED palette, but again, not exactly.

Overall, i love these pigments, they are very unique and have never seen anything like them aside from the ones im pressing lol.  They are sure metallic and they have staying power.  I honestly did not mind the $32.50, since i was getting 4 pigments for that price.  The other set was available and pretty, but besides the bright silver, the other colors did not tempt me.   I think i will experiment with my mineral shadows and try to duoe their consistency, since i can almost bet they are premixed with pressing medium...

did you ladies get anything from this collection at all?


  1. OMG!!! Such pretty shades <3

  2. Wow super nice very mettalic but light almost foil like lookt hey give off. I will check them out. Hey btw are you going to IMATS?

  3. I really want to buy this! Gahh, you're making me want to go to MAC right now!