Thursday, May 19, 2011

ThebodyNeeds Haul...too pretty not to share!


Yet another eyeshadow post lol....with finals having been so stressful, plus TheBodyNeeds had a sale, i went nuts on eyeshadows lol....check them out.  Each jar retails for $1.79! And i will show a comparison between TheBodyNeeds and other indie brand.

Bright sunny window! all are TBN shadows exept the last 3 on the last row...
im a little OCD at times and i wanted the 'grid' to look even lmao!

The sunlight does not do them justice, but i have posted more pics below.

Iced Teal over black base (left) and wet (right). such a gorgeous color!

Hope this pictures show their beauty a little better :)

Close up. Again, no base, applied dry.

That copper shade is amazing, Think of copper diamonds. yup, that stunning and wow!

The black shade has slight sparkles, kinda goldish, but very subtle!

TheBodyNeeds full size (L) vs VIE full size (R)
TBN are about 1gr of pigment vs VIE 2.5
TBN are $1.79 per 1gr vs VIE $5 if single (or $2.50-$3 if purchased in a package)
$4.50 per 2.5gr of TBN vs $5, however, most ppl buy 10 for $25, therefore, $2.50 per 2.5gr!

Either way, i love both, i dont  care TBN is smaller, nope, not at all, and the last thing i personally look at is price whenever i like a company or was fun to figure it out though, besides, how many of us truly use up an entire jar?! lol.

Checkout both companies. they are awesome. if you prefer bolder, in your face type of shades and pigmentation, then you want Virus Insanity Eyeshadow. But TheBodyNeeds are also my favorite! ugh, choices,  choices, choices ;)

so i forgot to write the names down lol. but  they should be one the first picture, if you want more details let me know, email me or comment and i will look them up for you!

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  1. so pretty shades green and black.