Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Virus Insanity Eyeshadow: Haul and Swatches


I want to formally introduce you to Virus Insanity Eyeshadow, and the Owner and Creator, Jenni! Just FYI, all Images have been properly cited, and Jenni agreed to share as long as i gave the photographer credit, so i did :)  Lets look:

This is Jennifer, the creator/founder of VIE! isnt she gorgeous?!!!

Another picture of her. I love her fub colored hair, and omg this girl can pull anything and everything off!

These are swatches from her "Tarot Card" collection.  if you go look at it on her FB page, she has posted pics of tarot cards, and omg did she nail the colors! look at the pigmentation, and from personal experience, her pigments are all true to color and insanely pigmented.

This is one of her "Fall" collections!
these are so pretty, makes me smile just to looks at them. Definitely very Fall-colored.

And more of her swatches.

My Stash..it is small but will be growing pretty soon =D

Top row: Fairy Green, Cotton Candy, Mary S, Smoked Lilac
2nd Row: Telekinesis, ?, ?, Harlett
3rd row: Ferris Wheel, ?, Snow flake, Bipolat
4th Row: not VIE lol but i wanted to include them. from L to R: Persephone Minerals "Forever", Scaredy Cat cosmetics "Caged Canary" and a copper shade (dont remember) and Glamour Doll Eyes "Tokyo"
BTW: These are all applied on BARE skin, DRY. just look at the piugmentation...
What can i say? I LOVE and ADORE my VIE. Enough said! =D


  1. Very nice and pigmented colors!!! Do you think they're more pigmented than NYX or MAC?

  2. A Lady V: I thin VIE are definitely comparable. hey are highly pigmented, hoewever, the colors are more 'unique' and very shimmery. I honeslty love them way way better than NYX and MAC, but thats just me =D Definitely give them a try if you can!

  3. wow these colors look so beautiful and pigmented ^^

    Love Christine ♥