Monday, May 23, 2011

FOTD: Barbie World!

Hello Ladies.

Now that im on school break i have been having too much fun with makeup ;)  I have also been playing around with bright colors and i am happy to say that im getting used to wear them with more confidence than before yay!  Here is what i wore:

All eyeshadows are from Unique Pigments  I love how easy these are to blend!

colors used: Glitteree (inner corner), Barbie World (lid, crease), Galaxy (outerv)
and Buttercream to highlight

I love purple and omg Barbie World is a pink shadow but it sort of reglects a lavender tint to it, very pretty. and glitteree is the lightest lilac with lots of sparkle., however, i do not find Unique Pigments as dificult to work with as others. Love them!


  1. I have to say it. I saw the title of this post and all I could think of was that song I'm a Barbie Girl from Aqua. LOL

  2. @ "E' girl....I know right?! I think of the same song everytime i read this 'name' lol.

    @Rakhshanda...Thanks. It is pretty bright but i loved it, since it leans toward the Lavander side lol. Unique Pigments have great colors!

  3. very nice love te eyeliner so happy that you can wear bold colors and express your self looking good !!