Tuesday, May 24, 2011

FOTD: Nuke 'em High


I know i need not mention this, but i have sooooo bein into bright colors lately.  This shade of Neon Green is by far the best loud green ever lol. i love it.   Here is what i proudly wore:

Nuke 'em High (green) and Rainbow Dash (blue).

what can i say? i love the bright neon colors! and i seriously think these are the best.  Unique Pigments also makes softer, less glittery shades as well as matte, but my favorites are the glittery ones (just becaude i live glitter).

I have been into indie makeup lately, and i just relaized that i cleaned out my makeup stash, leaving nothing but indie pigments, my NAKED palette and a few wnw palettes....yay for indie makeup lol =D 

Hopw you ladies are having an awesome week so far ;)

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