Sunday, May 22, 2011

FOTD: Im back to neutrals1


I have been wearing supe loud and bright colors all week and since school ended (my look for my las final was NEON green e/s lol)/. I suddenly missed my NAKED palette and warm neutral browns, so i wore a neutral eye with toned down eyelashes lol.

No winged never ever go without a wing lol

Anf of course! i added a little color as liner. its a purple liner but hardly noticeable, imo nayway

Yucky weather here in AZ! super windy. i was wearing a pomy tail with a cute bow and one peek putside and there goes my flawless hail, so whatever, i pulled off and walked out like this in public lol

Thats it...ugh ugly breakouts...why o why must i stil have breakout after 30? idk, but i hate it!


  1. This is soo pretty! Love the eye color..

  2. Love the look and like your hair down looks very summery.

  3. I like the look as well. It's soft, natural, and the hair is tousled. And I feel your pain on the breakouts. I'm in my 30's and having them like I never had when younger. I can only keep them at relatively at bay if I keep a retinol serum in my routine.