Friday, March 18, 2011

Suave Anti-frizz Creme: Pics

Hello...a few days ago i posted about this 'reformulated' new product from the new Suave Professionals line.  for more details, click Here to read further!

here's my hair using this product ONLY

meh, crappy cell phone picture and so windy, sunny and hot! lol.  I washed my hair
and used this cream as a styling aid, but did not curl or blow dry =/ all natural lol

side view!

although this is supposed to help with blowdrying, i just used it to balace off m frizzy hair, just because i had no time to dry my hair that morning! I did nout use mousse or gel at all.   This pics are poor quality, but my hair looked nice and wavy, pretty waves, unlike the ugly things that tend to form on me lol.

i did not feel or noticed an oily residue at all.  it applies  to a silky finish and non greasy.  i did not get oily either, which was a surprise.  my hair tends to be very unruly even though i have wavey hair and not too curly, but this tamed it down a lot, but since it was crazy windy, and my hair freshly washed, i looked like i had a huge 80's style within 4 hours (not bad, 4 hours!!)

Overall, I do love this inexpenssive hair cream.   Used before blow drying gives you an easier blowout.  If i use this after washing my hair, let air dry and then flar iron it, it just makes it smoother....also i use this as a finishing serum after i either blow dry or flat iron...and still no greasyness, just a siliconey feel, but very nice indeed.

for $2.74, this is worth a try, so if you use finishing serums etc, this is a nice alternative at a very reasonable price!

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