Thursday, March 17, 2011

ELF Haul

hello!  wow, i feel like i have been mia for so long lol! i jus have had a rough weekend, so no time to play online =/

i picked up some makeup over the last few days.....but i do not remmber everything i bought! some of the stuff i picked up was the flolowing new items from ELF (as well ad lots of Studio brushes, setting spray etc lol).  I was so very happy to see this at Target, although not all of them carry ELF.

Lets take a look:
ELF 32 piece "warm" palette

Left  half of the palette:
Swatches of the Left 1/2.  On bare skin.

Right 1/2 of the palette:


Overall this palette is rather attractive.  I paid $4.99 for this palette.  They also had the older colorful version, but believe it or not i do not own a "warm" palette, this one seemed by far the best out of the 2 available.

Final thoughts:

although this is a good palette and rather attractive, i did not like it as much as i was expecting.  the shades look gorgeous, but a lot are quite disappointing.   As you can see, the right side of the swatches are the most pigmented, which makes the left side sort of a waste of $$.  ELF shadows are usualli pigmented, so this was a surprise to see.

Also, there are a few shades that are 'glittery/sparkly' which look fab, but when swatched, the glittler IS minimal, but rather chunky and omg lots of fallouts (and glittery fallouts are a pain in the @@@#! to remove)  =/  Another down side to this is that in order to get a decen pigmentation, a good primer must be work and yes, you must almost ruin your brush in an attempt to pick up some 'color'

The finishes are more matte than they are shimmery or satiny, which i must say i like that alot.  I have been using this palette every day and i di like it, i just feel it needed to be more pigmented.  I guess nothing will ever compare to the UD Naked palette i so desire and have not been able to buy....perhaps i will receive it as a b-day gift lol!

Have you seen this item either online or at a drugstore?  I did not see it on their website, and i so wanted to so that i can add my opinion about it lol.


  1. very pretty palette!!! i love the vibrant color